Jíbara Resilience T-Shirt - Turtle

$ 16.90 $ 26.00

After watching a turtle nest hatch in Puerto Rico, the best word to describe the turtles is "resilient".  From the moment the mother turtle embarks on her journey to one of our beaches, to digging a hole where she will lay her eggs, to the eggs hatching and the baby turtles making their way to the water; the amount of resiliency and perseverance is incredible. This shirt design was created to remember the thousands of turtles that visit our Puerto Rican beaches every year.   

10% of Jíbaro's profits are donated to its charitable partner organizations. Through your purchase, you are contributing to the training and education of Puerto Ricans and the protection of the island.

Cotton/Poly Blend. Shirt made in Central America of imported and US products. Printed in the US. 

See our sizing chart for fitting information.

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