• Jíbaro "Desde Que Nací" T-Shirt
  • Jíbaro "Desde Que Nací" T-Shirt

Jíbaro "Desde Que Nací" T-Shirt

$ 16.90 $ 26.00

In our recent past, Jíbaro was a term to reference the mountain farmers of Puerto Rico. The term was rarely used in a positive tone, yet we now proudly call ourselves Jíbaros. This shift has occurred because we have come to realize that denying our Jíbaro heritage is denying ourselves, our history and our roots.  We are all descendants of Jíbaros! - we do not become Jíbaros, we are BORN JĺBAROS! This shirt was designed in recognition that we don't become Jíbaros, but it is who we are.

10% of Jíbaro's profits are donated to its charitable partner organizations. Through your purchase, you are contributing to the training and education of Puerto Ricans and the protection of the island.

100% Cotton. Shirt made in Central America of imported and US products. Printed in the US.

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